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Techno meets comedy


It certainly wasn't intentional, but after thinking about it, I realized that so far I've pretty much only talked about artists that originated in Osaka.
This time, we're going quite far from Osaka, all the way to Kitakyushu.
There was a little hint last time, but this mont's topic is All Japan Records.
I was able to conduct some short interviews again this time as well, so be sure to read all the way to the end!



All Japan Records (or just "All Japan") is a record label, but moreso than that, it's a collection of a fairly large number of artists, all making techno in styles ranging from pop to gabber to hard-minimal.
Since we're talking about them here, it'll probably come as no suprise that one of the distinguishing features of All Japan is their use of sampling.
Specifically, along with games and anime, All Japan's artists tend to do a lot of sampling of Japanese celebrities and comedians.

2014年のライブセットで全日の全体を感じられると思います。 / This recorded live set from 2014 should give you a good overview of All Japan's music.

全日のメンバーも自身を「ナードコア」というより、「WAREZ テクノ」(違法テクノ)なんて呼んだりしていました。
コンセプトとしては「10代の頃に体験した甘酸っぱい思い出をテクノトラックに乗せて蘇らせる」と 1999年のクイックジャパンに書かれていたりします。

Like many other artists we've looked at, All Japan don't necessarily refer to themselves as "nerdcore", instead calling themselves "WAREZ TECHNO".
They've also used catchphrases like "handsome techno", "dokatic techno", and "cute core" over the years.
In a feature in a 1999 issue of Quick Japan, All Japan described themselves as "taking bittersweet memories from our teens and making techno out of them."

全日本レコードの昔のロゴ / An early All Japan Records logo

My introduction to All Japan Records

確か 2010年にリリースされた「MAD BEATZ CONNECTION Vol.1」というコンピレーションを聞いていたところ、全日のメンバーである山の「東京ロックンロールスコーピオン」という曲を好きになったのが最初だったと思います。
何故かと言うと、GUHROOVY で初めて買った CD の中の一枚に「SPEEDBALL」という CD があって、その中の「東京ラブアンドピース」(m1dy)という曲に同じサンプリングが使われており、東京ロックンロールスコーピオンを聞いた際に「おぉ、この声聞いたことある!」と 1人で勝手にアガってたんです。

In 2010, a compilation CD called "MAD BEATZ CONNECTION Vol.1" was released. I couldn't stop listening to one of the tracks on it: "東京ロックンロールスコーピオン" by 山 (Yama).
One of the big reasons it stuck out was that it sampled the same thing as m1dy's "東京ラブアンドピース", originally released on SPEEDBALL - one of the CDs I got in my first-ever GUHROOVY purchase.
Eventually I figured out that what both songs are sampling is a very famous (within Japan) political broadcast from rocker Yuya Uchida.

初めて聴いた山の曲 / My first taste of All Japan.

全日からリリースしている CD は、ナードコアらくし結構なレアモノなのですが 2011年に全日本レコードの別レーベルからリリースしているコンピレーションである「トライフォースCD」を手に入れました。
2012年に初来日した際には全日のメンバーである DieTRAX と会う事ができました。また 2014年には初めて全日のライブを見れたのですがもの凄く盛り上がっていたのを覚えています。

All Japan's releases, like most nerdcore, are very scarce and difficult to obtain, but in 2011 I got ahold of "トライフォースCD", a compilation put together by the All Japan crew under a different name.
Before actually having the CD, I thought based on the title ("Tryforce CD") and jacket artwork that it was going to be a Zelda remix CD, but that turned out to not be the case at all. (Actually, the title logo is a Transformers homage!)
When I first came to Japan in 2012, I got the chance to meet one of All Japan's core members, DieTRAX, and in 2014 got to see them perform live for the first time.
All Japan's frequent sampling of The Drifters was also a big inspiration for one of my own musical acts, Cyber Chosuke.

僕と全日本レコードの DieTRAX、イワキ、山 / Myself and DieTRAX, Yama, and Iwaki of All Japan Records.

History of All Japan Records


In 1992, a predecessor to All Japan, 南丘軍団 (Minamigaoka Corps) was formed.
Minamigaoka Corps wasn't a musical group but rather a "wrestling group" (really just a group of 5 kids messing around); however, one of its members, Iwaki, would go on to be the leader and a founding member of All Japan Records.
On August 1, 1993, after purchasing a sampler and influenced by punk label 殺害塩化ビニール (Murder Vinyl Chloride; home of Moudoku, who were mentioned in the Cycheouts article), Iwaki and another member of Minamigaoka Corps, Kame, created "super-extreme" techno unit "学校中毒" (School Poisoning), and All Japan Records was simultaneously born.

1994年5月31日にはカメレオンレコード小倉店というレコード屋で全日としては初のカセットテープでのリリースが 5作品同時に各限定 1本で無料配布されました。
同年6月には一旦活動を休止しましたが、翌年の 1995年3月15日には同じくカメレオンレコード小倉店でファーストアルバム「もしも馬場さんがいかりやならば...」が発売されました。
また、同じく 1995年にはカメが後に山となる人物と出会い、その後、その山となる人物とイワキで「スクラム」というユニットを結成します。
女子高生限定 100円のカセットテープという馬鹿馬鹿しいものなどを色々とリリースし、何故か好評を得たらしいです。
また同時期に「SHOP」という北九州のアーティスト集団にイワキが所属しており、その SHOP のイベントには全日のメンバーがよく出演していたようです。

School Poisoning made tracks throughout 1993, and had their first live show in March of 1994, at a friend's graduation party.
On May 31, 1994, All Japan released 5 School Poisoning cassettes, limited to one copy each and given out for free at Chameleon Records Kokura, a record shop in Kitakyushu.
They then went on a short hiatus, and on March 15, 1995, released School Poisoning's first album "もしも馬場さんがいかりやならば...", sold at the same Chameleon Records.
That same year, Kame met the person who would later go on to produce as Yama, and after introducing him to Iwaki, the two formed a new unit called スクラム (Scrum).
School Poisoning and Scrum put out a number of cassettes, including some silly things like a set of high school girl-only releases, and were apparently rather popular, with every release selling out within a week or so.
Iwaki was also part of another Kitakyushu artist colelctive, SHOP, which held a number of events that All Japan artists would appear at.

1997年に開催されたイベントに出演しているイワキの写真 / A photo of Iwaki from one of SHOP's events in 1997.

SHOP のイベントのフライヤー / A handful of SHOP event flyers.

1997年まではライブやリリースを含めて福岡の北九州でしか活動をしていませんでしたが、1997年の中旬頃に東京のインディーズ支援活動グループ「music treasure」から作品の委託オファーがあり、それをきっかけに全日の活動範囲が東京まで広がってゆきました。

Up until 1997, All Japan's activities had been confined to the Kitakyushu area of Fukuoka, but in mid-1997, Tokyo-based indies promotion group "music treasure" offered to stock All Japan releases at a shop in Harajuku, expanding the group's reach.
At the same time, Scrum announced that due to differences in musical style they would be splitting up into Scrum A and Scrum F (Iwaki).
A week later, Scrum A created a new alias, Yama.

スクラムF のアルバム「トーキョー」のジャケット / Scrum F's album "トーキョー" ("TOKYO").

1997年から 1998年にかけて、TK & Trophy という二人組と広島在住の DieTRAX が全日に加入します。
1998年の初旬より CD の発売を開始し、過去のカセットテープでの作品と共に新作を出していきます。
同じく 1998年には DieTRAX 企画で全日本レコードや他のレーベルが集まって「Ultra Techno Records」というレーベル名で先程お話した「トライフォースCD」を発売し、全国で流通させました。

From 1997 to 1998, 2-person unit TK & Trophy and Hiroshima-based DieTRAX also became members of All Japan.
All Japan began releasing CDs in early 1998, putting out both reissues of old cassette releases as well as new albums.
Also in 1998, DieTRAX headed up "Ultra Techno Records", a collaboration between All Japan and a few other labels that released the above-mentioned Tryforce CD - which was widely distributed at CD shops across the country and advertised in popular techno magazine LOUD.
Soon after the release of Tryforce, All Japan had their first Tokyo live show at an event called "ジャンボ・メカ" ("Jumbo Mecha").
All Japan's live performance mainly consists of them playing tracks, working a sampler, singing and dancing, and generally just having fun with everyone.
Jumbo Mecha also featured, among others, Leopaldon and Sharpnel, and seems likely to have been a big kickoff point for the "nerdcore boom" that was to come.

トライフォースCD の発売記念イベントのフライヤー / The flyer for the Tryforce CD release party.

この頃、福岡のローカル雑誌に取り上げられたりしていました / All Japan was also featured in a local Fukuoka magazine around this time!


I'm not sure if it's from the same magazine, but I came across the text of a magazine interview All Japan did back in the day, so check it out! (Scroll down to the "120598" entry - it is all in Japanese, though.)

1998年から 2002年の間には「兎団」や「SUPER FAMILY」というアーティストのアルバムなどを含め、多数の CD をリリースし続け、ライブもかなりの回数行っていました。
また、NENDO や ghs web graphica のデザインによるグッズも色々と出していたようです。
1999年3月には「Hotline」という全日アーティストによるコンピレーション CD シリーズの第一弾をリリースし、以後同シリーズで毎月新作を出していく予定でしたが何故か 1枚リリースしただけで終わってしまいました
ただ、2003年には 10年前に影響を受けた殺害塩化ビニールの猛毒のリミックス CDである「毒王」にて「ZEN」として参加しました。

From 1998 to 2002, All Japan continued releasing albums, including ones from newcomers "兎団" (Usagidan) and "SUPER FAMILY", and performed life quite a few times.
They also put out t-shirts and other goods designed by NENDO and ghs web graphica.
In March of 1993, All Japan released Hotline, the first in what was planned to be a monthly compilation series, but which ended up being the only entry.
Around the end of 2002, All Japan for the most part ceased both live appearances as well as CD releases.
However, in 2003, they did briefly return to contribute a track to "毒王" (Dokuou), a Moudoku remix CD released on the same Murder Vinyl Chloride that had inspired All Japan 10 years prior.

リリースパーティーでライブしました / They played at the CD's release party, too!

そして、2011年には 4年ぶりの復活ライブを HONDALADY の 15周年記念イベントで行いました。

In 2005, All Japan put on an internet event called "16文キック", about which not much information remains, and in 2007 they performed live for the first time in 4 years at an event called "スキゾマニアック" ("Schizomaniac").
Waiting another 4 years, they had a subsequent revival live in 2011 at HONDALADY's 15th anniversary event.


復活ライブ用に 3着だけ Tシャツを作ってました! / The special revival live t-shirt - only 3 were made!

また、2010年からはサウンドクラウドMixcloud、last.fm(もう消えてしまっています)、MySpace などで過去の CD やライブ音源・未発表曲をアップしています。
2014年にはライブを 2回行い、同年 7年ぶりの CD リリースとして山のベスト盤「ALL JAPAN」を発売しました。
それ以降はまた特に大きい活動をしていないようですが、TK & Trophy のベストもいつか出すという話もあるようですし、今年で 25周年となることから何かしらあるのではないでしょうか?私の勝手な想像ですが・・・。

Also, beginning in 2010, All Japan began uploading parts of their back catalog and unreleased tracks to Soundcloud, Mixcloud, last.fm (no longer available), and MySpace.
In 2014, they performed live twice, and released a best-of album from Yama called ALL JAPAN.
Since then, there hasn't been much activity from All Japan, but there have been rumors of a TK & Trophy best-of being released as well. With this year being their 25th anniversary, maybe we'll see something special? Who knows...

Individual member activities

全日のメンバーはほぼ全日以外での活動をしていませんが、DieTRAX と山についてはその活動を紹介したいと思います。

Most members of All Japan haven't done a whole lot musically outside of that context, but let's take a look at two who have: DieTRAX and Yama.

知っている人も多いと思いますが、DieTRAX の Die は 2002年から HONDALADY というバンドに所属しています。
HONDALADY は十数枚のアルバムを出し、かつ幅広い活動をしていますので是非チェックしてください。
そして Die はソロの DJ・作曲などもずっと続けており、最近はアシッド田宮三四郎というユニットのメンバーとしても活動しています。
さらにデザイナーとして Ketchuparts 名義で Tシャツ、シール、本などたくさん出しており、頻繁に作品を出し続けているのがスゴイと思います。

As you may know, since 2002 DieTRAX (as Die) has been a member of techno unit HONDALADY.
Hondalady have put out over 10 albums and have an impressive and wide body of work, so definitely check them out!
Die also DJs and performs live solo, and has released tracks and albums on other labels. Recently he's also been a main member of アシッド田宮三四郎 (Acid Tamiya 346).
Not only that, but through his design brand Ketchuparts, he's put out t-shirts, stickers, books, and more - what a busy guy!

● 山 / Yama
山は全日以外の活動が多いわけではないのですが、その中においても紹介したい活動が 2つあります。
ひとつは 2002年にリリースされた PC ゲーム「魔女のお茶会」にて ZEN 名義で山が主題歌の 2曲を作曲/編曲を行っています。

Yama hasn't done a lot outside of All Japan, but I wanted to specifically mention two things he has done.
Firstly, in 2002, under the name ZEN, he composed and arranged two character themes for the PC game "魔女のお茶会" ("Tea Society of a Witch").
The company that developed that game, Frontwing, is in fact the company I currently work for!

2つ目として、2017年に大人気アイドルグループ「ゆるめるモ!」の 5th アルバム「YOUTOPIA」に「must 正」という曲を提供しています。
来月発売のライブ DVD に収録されているようです。

The second thing is that just last year, Yama composed the song "must 正" ("must go") for extremely popular idol group "ゆるめるモ!" ("You'll Melt More!")'s 5th album "YOUTOPIA".
A live version is also on the DVD they're releasing next month, take a look!

ちなみに最近、山も昔の曲や新曲を YouTube にちょこちょこアップして公開していますので気になる人は是非!

Incidentally, Yama has been posting a lot of songs both old and new on YouTube, so you won't wanna miss that.


今回は、全日本レコードの Die さんと山さんにミニインタビューさせてもらいました。
ゼンニッチ: 全日本レコードの成り立
ゼンニッチ: 山との出会い
ゼンニッチ: ■全日本レコード in 福岡 つか、Dieちゃんについて

For this month's entry, Die and Yama were kind enough to participate in a mini-interview.
I had hoped to interview Iwaki as well, but unfortunately I couldn't get in touch with him - instead, here are a few older posts from him on the history of All Japan (in Japanese).
Formation of All Japan
Meeting Yama
Meeting Die

● DieTRAX インタビュー / DieTRAX Interview
― 全日本レコードに入ったきっかけを教えてください。

How did you come to be a member of All Japan Records?

それがカメレオンレコード小倉店(博多と小倉は高速で 1時間くらい)を本拠地として売られていた、全日本レコードとの出会い。
その夏に、インターネットで知り合った人たちが博多で DJ イベントをやるというのに友だちを介して参加。
その会議みたいな顔合わせに来ていたのが、『全日本レコード』をやっていたイワキ君(当時は社長というあだ名だった)で「お〜あれ買ったよ!最高だった!」と意気投合し、彼らの小倉でのイベントに DJ しに行ったりと頻繁に会うようになる。
その後、自分がバイトしていたレコード屋が「テクノ友達がいるなら一緒に CD 出せ!」とのことで、それならとイワキくんを誘い、その場で全日入り。
それがウルトラテクノレコードとして、全日本レコードの覆面 CD『トライフォースCD』が全国に流通されるのであった。

In 1997, at Chamelion Records in Hakata, Fukuoka, I came upon some interesting-looking cassettes. I still remember the names "Yama" and "Scrum" catching my eye and buying them.
That was my first encounter with All Japan Records, who were at that time based at the Kokura branch of Chameleon Records - about an hour from Hakata.
Later that summer, some friends I'd met online were putting together a DJ event in Hakata, and invited me to join in.
One of the people at the party prep get-together was Iwaki of All Japan Records, and I was like, "Hey, I bought your tapes! They're great!". We hit it off fast, and I ended up performing often at their events in Kokura.
A little after that, the owner of the record shop I was part-timing at told me, "If you've got friends who make techno, you should put out a CD together!". I brought the idea up with Iwaki, and that's what led to me joining All Japan.
The release that came out of that discussion, "Tryforce CD", was put out under All Japan secret sub-label Ultra Techno Records, and was distributed all across Japan.

― 音楽活動を通して(全日本に限らず)一番良かった出来事は何でしょうか?

What's been the best thing to come out of your music career?


Getting the opportunity to come to Tokyo.
Thanks to that, I was able to meet and work with one of my idols, Takahashi Meijin.

― 全日本レコードから出した気に入っている自分の曲を一つ紹介してください。

What's a personal favorite track you've released through All Japan Records?


"TAKAHASHI ATTACK" - it's also one of my most popular tracks.
I can still remember back when I first made it, Yama prasing me saying "It's got great rhythm!"

― 今後音楽活動でやってみたいこと・やるつもりのことはありますでしょうか?

What's your next plan or goal for your music career?


I'd definitely like to perform live overseas. I really wonder how the Japanese sampling and gags would go over.

● 山インタビュー / Yama Interivew
― 全日本レコードに入ったきっかけを教えてください。

How did you come to be a member of All Japan Records?<


At the school I was going to, one of the guys I sat next to was a founding member of All Japan Records (not Iwaki). We both liked Denki Groove, and through talking about that, he showed me some of the songs they'd been making - I fell out of my chair in both astonishment and hysterics.
After that, I bought a sampler myself, and made a track sampling voices and rhythm from "あぶない刑事" (Abunai Deka). When I showed it to my friend, he loved it and introduced me to Iwaki, and we began to hang out.
One day they mentioned they were putting together a new tape release, and suggested putting my Abunai Deka track on it, and I realized that I'd become a member without even noticing.

― 音楽活動を通して(全日本に限らず)一番良かった出来事は何でしょうか?

What's been the best thing to come out of your music career?


Every single thing has been great. I can't think of anything that's been less than awesome.
Back at the beginning, I was just making music to amuse my friends, so being able to move beyond that and have other people enjoy and dance to my music makes me really happy.

― 全日本レコードから出した気に入っている自分の曲を一つ紹介してください。
What's a personal favorite track you've released through All Japan Records?


"総長リターンズ" ("Souchou Returns")

― 今後音楽活動でやってみたいこと・やるつもりのことはありますでしょうか?

What's your next plan or goal for your music career?

あと、全日本レコードでライブやりたいです。イワキ氏とか TKC もみんな集まって。連絡取れないけど(笑)

That's a good question. This time last year I would never have dreamed I'd be composing a song for You'll Melt More!, so who knows what's next. I'd like to keep living and laughing.
Oh, and I'd like to perform live as All Japan Records again. With Iwaki and TKC. If I could get in touch with them, haha.


That's all for this time, but I've got something interesting in store for next month, so stay tuned!

参考文献 / Thanks/sources
Quick Japan Vol.25

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